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The NIS has eight Divisions, each of which is headed by a Director appointed by the DG in accordance to Section 15 of the NIS Act, 2012.

The eight divisions are as follows: -

  • Internal
  • External
  • Administration
  • National Intelligence Academy
  • Analysis and Production
  • Counter Terrorism Coordination
  • Counter Intelligence
  • Operations and Technical Services



The Internal Division is responsible for gathering Kenyan Internal intelligence on political, social-economic and security issues.

The External Division is responsible for the collection of foreign intelligence in relation to political, social, Economic and security issues. In addition, the Division is responsible for Intelligence on organized crime.

Counter Intelligence
The Division is mandated to deal with Counter Intelligence and Counter Espionage.

Analysis and Production
The Division has the role of analysis, production and dissemination of intelligence to the NIS customers. The Division also manages a specialized NIS School of Analysis, which has been established to train analysts and researchers for the Service, National Security stakeholders and external partners.

Operations and Technical Services
The Division is responsible operational support in the collection of intelligence and applying information and communication technologies in support of the core function of the Service. It also provides technical support to other essential functions of the Service.

National Intelligence Academy
The National Intelligence Academy has the responsibility of identifying the training needs of the Service and implementing training programmes for intelligence officers. Apart from training newly recruited Intelligence Officers, the academy also co-ordinates all other staff training programmes that are not directly related to the core function. It maintains a link with other training institutions with which the NIS has liaison. These include Government training institutions, private institutions and Universities, and others run by friendly foreign governments.

This division is responsible for the general administration, financial and Human Resource management of the Service.

The NIS Act (Section 66) provides for a Complaints Commission to cater for any party that may be aggrieved by the actions of the Director General or any member of the Service. The Intelligence Service Complaints Commission, which is chaired by a person with qualifications of a High Court Judge, is mandated to inquire into complaints against the Service and has the powers of the High Court to summon witnesses, administer oaths, and order the production of any documents relevant to the investigation.

The Board consists of the following members, appointed by the Cabinet Secretary on the recommendation of the Public Service Commission—
(a) a chairperson who shall be a person who qualifies to be a judge of the High Court;
(b) four other members of whom—
(i) one shall be a person nominated by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights;
(ii) one shall be an advocate of not less than seven years standing;
(iii) one shall be a retired senior intelligence officer; and
(iv) one shall be a person who has at least seven years experience in public service;.

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The National Intelligence Service Act, 2012
Kenya Defence Forces Act, 2012
National Police Service Act, No. 11A of 2011
The National Security Council Act, 2012
- National Security Council
- National Police Service
- Kenya Defense Forces
- Constitution of Kenya
- National Security Policy
- National Counter Terrorism Centre
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